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SGLXS L shaped slide guide oilless slide guide China Factory
SGLXS L shaped slide guide oilless slide guide and metal composite bearings are different 1, the plastic bearing the whole are lubricating materials, long life; and metal composite bearing lubrication layer is only 0.003mm surface of the PTFE, when this thin layer of friction also declared the end of life; 2, the use of plastic bearings rus tal light, which is more suitable for modern lightweight design trends; 4, Hydraulic Seal Series manufacturing costs lower than the metal; plastic bearings used in injection molding is more suitable for mass production; 5, plastic bearings in operation without any noise, with a certain vibration absorption function; plastic bearings than metal composite bearing there are many advantages, the current production of plastic bearings are growing, the use of plastic bearings are also constantly extending the occasion, From fitness equipment to the office equipment and the automotive industry, etc. are used plastic bearings, the current road vehicles do not use plastic bearings.TWP TWPT oilless bronze plate, Plastic bearing market prospects unlimited broad!

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