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Custom CY-15A ball transfer unit,10kg load capacity ,flange carbon steel units
Notes on Selection of Grease for Plain Bearings Cloth-reinforced Phenolic Resin Series can also be used to lubricate the grease, grease in the choice should consider the following points: (1) bearing load, low speed, the cone should be selected into the small grease, and vice versa to choose a large cone penetration. High-speed selection of CY-15H ball transfer unit,15kg load capcity ,CY-16H carbon steel unit cone penetration of small, good mechanical stability of the grease. Of particular note is the viscosity of the grease base oil to be lower. (2) Select the grease dropping point is generally higher than the working temperature of 20-30 ℃, continuous operation at high temperatures in the case, be careful not to exceed the allowable temperature range of grease. (3) CY-15A ball transfer unit,10kg load capacity ,flange carbon steel unit in the water drench or moist environment work, should choose a good water resistance of calcium-based, aluminum or lithium-based grease. (4) choose a better adhesion of the grease.

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