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Supply PTFE graphite bronze bushing,water graphite bronze bearing
SOL L shaped oilless plate guide slide plate bronze plate applications Self-lubricating bearings are divided into composite self-lubricating bearings, self-lubricating bearings with solid mosaic, self-lubricating bearings with bimetallic materials, and self-lubricating bearings with special materials.Lubrication is particularly suitable for heavy lubrication, Of the occasion, but also not afraid of water and other acid erosion and erosion. Filled and Modified Fluoroplastic Series have been widely used in the metallurgical caster, rolling equipment, mining machinery, molds, lifting machinery, spinning machinery, wind power generation, ship, turbine, turbine, injection molding machine and equipment production lines. Wear resistance is double the normal sleeve. The above is about the PTFE graphite bronze bushing,water graphite bronze bearing application of a brief introduction, I hope you have some understanding of it.

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