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Custom SOBW SOBWN oilless washer oilless bearing Factory
PTFE bronze bushing,PTFE+graphite lubricating,white lubricant which major faults need attention Since the smooth bearings in the operation because the journal and the bearing pads will conflict, resulting in the appearance of fever, wear and even "killed" and other problems, so depicts the bearing, should use the friction material produced good bearing, suitable Smooth agent and use the appropriate supply approach to improve the layout of the bearing in order to obtain thick film smooth. 1, tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found abnormal concentrations of non-ferrous metal elements; bearing a number of non-ferrous metals showed submicron wear particles; smooth oil water overruns, acid value overruns. 2, journal surface corrosion: spectral analysis found abnormal iron concentration, there are many sub-micron iron particles in the bearing particles, lubricating oil overruns or acid value overruns. 3, tile surface off: the SOBW SOBWN oilless washer found in many large-scale fatigue wear off alloy wear particles, layered abrasive. 4, tile back fretting: spectral analysis found abnormal iron concentration, there are many iron submicron bearing wear particles, smooth oil, water and acid value anomalies. 5, from the smooth bearing surface strain: the bearings found in cutting abrasive, abrasive grain composition of non-ferrous metals. 6, composite journal appearance injury: bearing iron cutting grain or black oxide particles, the appearance of metal tempering color. 7,Hydraulic Seal Series: Bearing in more large-scale alloy wear particles and black metal oxides.

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