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Supply SKS090 1610 bushing BRM10 1610 bushing China manufacturer
BFP 1610 bushing overview

Oil-free bearing (SF-1) is a kind of both metal bearing characteristics and characteristics of non-oil lubricated bearings, lubricated by the metal matrix bearing load, special formula of solid lubricating material. It is characterized by high load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and self-lubricating ability. It is especially suitable for occasions where it is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, such as heavy load, low speed,SKS090 1610 bushing reciprocating or swinging, and erosion of water and other acid And erosion. Users generally reflect the inlaid bearing is not only fuel-efficient, energy saving, and its working life than ordinary sliding bearings. At present products have been widely used in metallurgical caster,BRM10 1610 bushing, rolling just equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines.

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