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Supply DU oilless dry bush SOBF SOBFU bronze flange type oiles bush
SOBF SOBFU bronze flange type oiles bush in mechanical design The bearing supports the shaft and the parts on the shaft to ensure the rotation accuracy of the shaft. According to the friction properties of the bearing work, can be divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings. Sliding bearing with a smooth, no noise, small radial size, impact resistance and carrying capacity and other advantages. The rolling bearing is a standard parts, into mass production of low cost, easy installation, widely used. For beginners, the type of rolling bearing selection; life calculation; combination design is more difficult to master. 11-1 Plain Bearing Overview First, the type of sliding bearings Sliding bearing load in accordance with its direction is divided into: (1) radial sliding bearings, which bear the radial load. (2) Thrust plain bearings, which only bear axial load. The sliding bearing can be divided into two types: liquid friction (lubrication) bearing and non-liquid friction (lubrication) bearing. (1) liquid friction bearings (fully liquid lubricated bearings) The principle of liquid friction bearings in the journal and the bearing pad friction between the surface has sufficient lubricating oil, lubricating oil thickness is larger, the journal and the bearing surface is completely separated. So the friction coefficient is very small, the general coefficient of friction = 0.001 ~ 0.008. As always able to maintain a stable liquid lubricating state. The bearings are suitable for high-speed, high-precision and heavy-duty applications. (2)DU oilless dry bush (not completely lubricated bearings) Non-liquid friction bearings rely on the surface of the shaft and the bearing surface of the very thin film, single-can not completely separate the two friction surfaces, a part of the surface of direct contact. So the friction coefficient, = 0.05 ~ 0.5. If the lubricant is completely lost, dry friction will occur. Severe friction, wear, and even the occurrence of gluing damage. Second, the characteristics of sliding bearings (3) the radial size is small; (4) high precision; (5) fluid lubrication, friction, wear smaller; (6) the oil film (1) high load-carrying capacity; (2) smooth and reliable, There is a certain degree of vibration absorption capacity Disadvantages: (1) non-fluid friction sliding bearings, friction is large, serious wear and tear. (2) fluid friction Fill modified fluorine plastic seriesSOLP guide slide plate wear pads oilless bearing plate in the start, driving, load, speed is relatively large circumstances difficult to achieve fluid friction; (3) fluid friction, sliding bearing design, manufacture, maintenance costs higher.

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